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Are you a career orientated family?
Do you rush home in the evenings and still have
to do homework, cook dinner and spend quality family time?
Would you like to come home from work, have your dinner already
prepared, kids bathed and homework done?
Would you like to have stress free quality time with your child/children?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then you would
definitely benefit with the help of an Au Pair. The aim with
Au Pair Network is to help Families find Au Pairs. My aim is to
eliminate the Families pains of advertising, endless calls and interviewing.
If the Family so requires, I shall meet with them, fill in the
necessary registration forms and find out from them what they require
from the Au Pair. I will then go through my files and see if we have
any suitable candidates matching the credentials needed. Once I am
satisfied that I have found suitable candidates, I will submit the
CV’s of the Au Pairs to the Families.

We will set up interviews with the Au Pairs on behalf of the
Families if so required.It would be suggested that an
interview takes place in two or three stages. The first
stage is where the Family meets the Au Pair and interviews them.
At this stage, inform the Au Pair of his/her duties and what
is to be expected. Also use this interview to get to know the
Au Pair. The second stage of the interview should involve
a meeting with the child/children. It is after all the
child/children who get to spend more time with the Au Pair.
Encourage the child/children to ask the Au Pair questions.
The child/children have to feel comfortable with the Au Pair.
The Parents are advised to watch the interaction between the
child/children and Au Pair. Listen to your child/children!

If needed, advice will be given in regard to
recommended salaries. Help in setting up guidelines
for a contract will also be available.

Finer details will be discussed when inquiries are lodged
with Au Pair Network, and handled appropriately.

Family Ties

Family Ties Are precious things
Woven through the years,
of laughter, love and tears.

Family ties are cherished things
forged in childhood days,
by love of parents deep and true,
by tradition, by family ways.
Family ties are treasured things
and far though we may roam,
the tender bonds with those we love
still pull our hearts toward home.


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